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Tattattataaaaaa- My little elephant

It was time for a new shirt for the little man. And again I used the pattern out of the Ottobre 3/14. But this time I used an other way to sew the wristband to the neck and the arms. And I think, I will now use this version than my old one. In this version I folded the wristband in the length and sewed it by using an overlock stitch to the right of the shirt. Than I put it to the right position and made a straigth stitch to fix it. This is for me a quite easy way and I think it looks more accurate than my old version by using the folder.

I like these little elephants. And this shirt is so nice. I hope my little man will grow that slow he did until now. So he can wear this shirt really long.




Without diapers the third….

A life without diapers is not that easy in the very beginning. So you need a lot of trousers for changing.

In our case I had produced a lot weeks ago, but not enough. So I had to start sewing again and filling up the wardrobe. Therefor I produced again 3 trousers for my little man. I used an old T-shirt of my husband and striped wristband. This wristband is upgrading these trousers a lot, I think.

The pattern I used is a creation on my own.

So have a look and make your own opinion about.


Sweet shirt for my little mouse

CIMG6383After visiting the „Holländische Stoffmarkt“ in Dresden two weeks ago I was motivated to start sewing again. This nice shirt for my little mouce produced by using a pattern from the Ottobre 3/14.

I love this patttern. It looks so nice. The fabric I used was not bougth on the „Holländische Stoffmarkt“ but there I found my motivation again.

So be excited what will come next….


Laziness stopped!

I have to stop the  silence in here.

Since mid of April I have started to improve my english by a further education curse for business english. Therefore I am absolutly tired and there has been no motivation to sew, knit or do something else in the evening.

So two weeks ago the „Holländische Stoffmarkt“ taking place in Dresden and I decided to stop demotivation by getting some new nice fabrics.

And what to say, it was great. I found some nice ones and I have started sewing again. The results of my weekend I want so present here during the next days.

And as you can read there is one more innovation. I want to try to write the hole blog in english now. But I am not sure if this fits well. So, we will see. Maybe I have to change back to german.