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My new „LIV“


During my time, when it was very quite here at my blog I was sewing and knitting a lot. But there was no time and motivation for writing articles here. But since two weeks I try to show you my last creations.

Here I used  fabrics from Sanetta and the pattern from Pattydoo. This is the pattern „LIV“ And I guess it is my second but I´m not sure yet.

I like it. And for the warm summer days it is really nice.

And it is time for MMM. So


CIMG6455 CIMG6454 CIMG6456


Fast sweater finished





Mein nächstes Werk hat sich nach langer Zeit auch dem Ende zu geneigt. Bei 34°C im Schatten hab ich meinen Frühlingpulli fertig. Nun ja, der nächste Frühling kommt bestimmt. Es war aber auch ein hartes Stück Arbeit. Irgendwie widme ich mich nicht den leichten Projekten. Alles was mir gefällt hat anspruch.

Diesen Januar habe ich mir für diesen Sweater Baumwolle in einen frischen grün und cremeweis gekaft. Und die Anleitung ist von Ravlery.

Und weil heut Mittwoch ist, und ich lang nicht mehr dabei war einen MMM zu machen heute hier die Gelegenheit dazu.


It is quite a long time ago, since I ´ve posted something by MMM. But this Wednesday I will do it again. In January this year I found a really nice sweater on Ravlery. And I knew, this will be my pattern for the next weeks. But I didn´t think about this design, which has not really a small part without knitting with two colors in parallel.

What to say…I DID IT

Sometimes it was quite hard and I had a break of more than 2 months in between. In this time I had absolutly no motivation to knit this sweater.

I bought 100% coton yarn in fresh green and cream white and cast on. The wristband knitted with two colors was a nice technic. This was the most stressful part. The rest of this pattern was written quite good. And so painful and slowly the sweater grew.

Last week on tursday, it was the first day of a week with temperatures above 34°C, I finished it. And I am really happy about it.


CIMG6451 CIMG6452

Raglan the first

For me this fabric is really beautiful. Fresh and nice to wear. And this pattern I thought, will fit well to this fabric. So I decide to put the pattern together with the fabric and the result you can see here. The pattern is from 3/13 Ottobre.


And now I hope, the summer will stay for some days. And we can wear this shirt more than one time. But maybe the weather will be that hot that we can go without clothes except of trunks or bikini. I think I will enjoy this little intermezzo of the summer 2015.

But today I have to finish the summer dress for my little girl. Maybe I can show it tomorrow. We will see.