February Lady Sweater

Yeah, I´ve done it.

Some years ago I saw this whool (Schachenmayr, ecologico) in my favorite hand made shop. And at this time I was sure, that this wool would be for a cardigan which would be closed only by three buttons. So I looked for more than one year for a pattern for this wool. The result was this nice February lady sweater which I found on

CIMG6692 CIMG6693 CIMG6691

In June this year I started knitting and last week on Friday I finished. During this time I need to bought two more balls of this wool.

The pattern is for a sweater with 3/4 sleeves and garder stitch. Because of the thick wool I used I decided to make long sleeves. And to highlight the gull lace pattern I used stocking stitch. The pattern is really well. I had no difficulies during my work.

Because it is Wednesday today I will link this contribution to MMM.